Agile in a distributed environment: does it really work?

Agility has been mainstream for a few years now even though we’re still trying to figure out what it really means and how it works (I actually wrote an article about that some time ago). We’ve all heard it at least once, remote or distributed teams are almost unavoidable nowadays. There are several reasons forContinue reading “Agile in a distributed environment: does it really work?”

Why you should share your Sprint Retrospective

I know, you’re probably thinking “whaaaaaat?!” am I right? Or at least this is the reaction I get from most people when I first introduce the idea of opening the retrospective to persons outside of the team and sharing the results. And I understand it too, believe me I would have had the same feelingContinue reading “Why you should share your Sprint Retrospective”

What does it mean to “be Agile”?

I discovered agility about 10 years ago now and I was immediately convinced. I’m a pretty social person and always had the idea that in order for people to be efficient doing their job they have to be happy and fulfilled, a fact that became evident to a lot of people today but we hadContinue reading “What does it mean to “be Agile”?”

The Team Canvas workshop or how to kickoff a team

If you’re anything like me starting to work with a new team is awesome! You get to know new people, learn about their work and help them be the best version of a team they can…Over the years I’ve learned, like most of us, that the performance of a group doesn’t come as much fromContinue reading “The Team Canvas workshop or how to kickoff a team”