You want to be a good manager? Watch Top Chef!

I’m gonna be honest, I watch a lot of TV! Too much I’m sure, I know I should probably make a better use of my free time but hey, I like it 🤷‍♂️ Although when I say TV, 95% of it are series and movies, I seldom watch TV programs. There is one I’ve beenContinue reading “You want to be a good manager? Watch Top Chef!”

Le coach agile est-il un psychologue ?

J’ai passĂ© du temps avant de me dĂ©cider : quel titre mettre Ă  cet article ? Quel message je veux faire passer ? Quel est le fond du sujet ? Après un long dĂ©bat avec moi-mĂŞme me voilĂ  revenu sur ma première idĂ©e…Finalement c’est bien ça le coeur du dĂ©bat mais je vais tout de mĂŞme prĂ©ciser un peuContinue reading “Le coach agile est-il un psychologue ?”

The Team Canvas workshop or how to kickoff a team

If you’re anything like me starting to work with a new team is awesome! You get to know new people, learn about their work and help them be the best version of a team they can…Over the years I’ve learned, like most of us, that the performance of a group doesn’t come as much fromContinue reading “The Team Canvas workshop or how to kickoff a team”