4 workshops to destroy Silos: 2/4 – The Event Storming

Hey there, how are we doing today? So in my last article I talked to you about a short workshop we call Lightning Session (if you haven’t read it yet you can find it here https://orouho.com/2020/08/11/4-workshops-to-destroy-silos-1-4-the-lightning-session/ btw 😉). Once this one is done everyone should have the same vision & level of information regarding theContinue reading “4 workshops to destroy Silos: 2/4 – The Event Storming”

How to make your full remote workshops efficient

That’s it! With the actual global situation (that is the COVID-19 pandemic) that forced most of us to stay home we’ve all become expert on remote work and a lot of people that thought it was such a bad idea are pretty surprised to see that it really does work 👏 Ok, let’s be honestContinue reading “How to make your full remote workshops efficient”